Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Elephants are falling from the sky

OK - is it just me or is stupid FAKE Al Gore - who has to use computer generated images in his fake movie about GLOBAL WARMING and use Styrofoam to make fake icebergs breaking apart because he could not find any REAL icebergs breaking apart trying to pull a fast one and try and be sneaky with his stupid commercial and disrespect the GOP???? Al Gore has elephants falling from the sky (see below) - I hope all 1.2 billion elephants land on dumb democratic donkey's and squash everyone of them - Al Gore is a complete IDIOT and I am so tired of people buying into MAN-MADE Global Warming - don't get me wrong - I love our planet and I think we should keep our planet as clean as we can as it is a gift from God - I do not litter nor do I allow my son to litter but that is not what Al Gore's mission is about - in my opinion he could care less about the planet, the animals, or you and I - all he cares about is making money and taxing the "RICH"!!!! it is about making what you and I breathe out CO2 (Carbon - yes I know it is Carbon Dioxide - this is one thing he wants to tax) Gore wants to tax the very breath we exhale as a CARBON FOOTPRINT TAXES - if he wants to compare footprints - Gore and Edwards and Kerry and all of the liberal idiots would have a Carbon Footprint the size of Shaquille O'Neals big shoes - OR BIGGER as they fly around on their LEER jets trying to make you and I walk or ride bikes - guess their plan is we walk and ride bikes then we breath more - I guess they can tax us more - maybe they want to tax people who have anxiety or COPD (lung diseases) that breathe faster than you or I with higher carbon taxes as they breathe more out - but I am sure that would only apply to legal citizens who work as does most other taxes!!!! This is the absolute stupidest tax scheme I have ever heard of in my life - and yes I know some on the right have fallen into this trap but not as far as as the Liberal left and all of their TAX PLANS - this is another reason we need the Fair Tax to get the power away from idiots who do not know how to handle money or taxes and back into the hands of you and I - WE THE PEOPLE of the U.S.A. who know how to handle our money and could control our taxes with the Fair Tax. I bet our founding fathers would have a stroke if they were not already dead if they knew that our Republic has come to this. What's next - if they tax us - will they give tax credits to the trees and bushes who breath in the CO2 (Carbon)??? Maybe we could plant a lot of trees and get tax deduction for the CO2 eliminated by our trees and bushes - but then we would be taxed for driving our cars to pick up the trees and bushes??? Do you see where I'm going with this - you have to think absolutely and completely backwards and stupid to think like these Liberals but I am willing to go there - You MUST KNOW your ENEMY in order to stop them!!!! And at present time Liberalism is starting to pass Islamo-fascism in being the biggest threat to our nation - maybe they are tied for 1st - they both are terrible threats. The latest theory I hear regarding this scam is that businesses will be allowed a certain amount of carbon credits - if they need more they must buy them from a business who is not using as much - it's all about MONEY and TAXES that is all this is about and AL "idiot" Gore is getting RICH off of this FLUMMERY (flummery was appropriate here I believe BB) ; ) We must remind our party (GOP) that we think this makes no sense - and no where in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights or anywhere else in history is carbon discussed - our founding fathers had to breathe - they exhaled Carbon (CO2) - if they wanted to tax the breath we exhale then they could have but those leaders had brains and were wise - Al Gore is nothing like our Founding Fathers - they believed in freedom / liberty - Al Gore is just sneaky and trying to steal our freedom and liberty and our money!!!!! Sorry to go off on a tangent like this - but if you give an inch the liberals will take a mile - and as the saying goes if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything - Conservatives if you want a country as founded by our founding fathers you better start standing or we will all fall !!!! Below is a petition if you would like to sign it - please forward this on - thanks.
From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Alliance 4/22/2008 According to, Al Gore has launched an advertising campaign that will play out in theatres across the nation urging movie goers to do their part to "mitigate the 'climate crisis'". The animated short "Sky is Falling" features a billion elephants falling from the sky and the subsequent havoc they wreck on the planet. The video concludes saying, "It's time to stop ignoring the 1.2 billion elephants in the room." This is the kind of intimidation and scare tactic set to capture the minds of many citizens who will blindly follow the climate hysteria like sheep.
Al Gore Climate hysteria, take a stand to alert others by getting the message out that this is a hoax! 150,000 Petitions Needed in 30 Days Climate Alarmists and the media may think they are having their way with the American people, but with your help, I can use these petitions to demonstrate to all that Americans aren't buying into the Global Warming hoax, or the $1.2 Trillion Carbon Tax! We can expose this scam and defeat this crushing tax! Sign our petition opposing the Climate Alarmist Agenda and coming Carbon Tax by clicking here:

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