Friday, April 11, 2008

Words from a wise man

by Mike Huckabee

In my first race, I was an unknown candidate running for the United States Senate against a three-term incumbent. Most political figures believed I couldn’t win so did nothing to help. There was a major exception: Charlton Heston. When others didn’t have time for me, he did. I didn’t win that first race, but his encouragement is something I’ll never forget.
Six years later, I was an incumbent Governor running for reelection and Charlton Heston came to two small communities in South Arkansas to do campaign events. The events were stunningly successful, bringing record crowds to these communities who were beyond thrilled at the thought that one of the great actors of all time had come to their towns.
In every way, he was gracious, thoughtful, kind, and accommodating to the hordes of people who came to see him. A gentleman in the truest sense, he exemplified class and conviction.
Even though he starred in legendary pictures like "The Ten Commandments" and "Ben Hur," Charlton Heston will be remembered not for his movie roles, but for his heartfelt convictions. His integrity and courage should be an object lesson for future leaders.
Janet and I send our heartfelt condolences to his wife, Lydia, and their children. They will be in our thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks to come.
Governor Huckabee I concur 100%. God bless those who are in a better place than we are like Charlton Heston and his friend Ronald Reagan, as well as, ones who are still with us as strong leaders in this world such as the author up above Mike Huckabee.

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