Sunday, May 25, 2008

Drill Here. Drill NOW. Pay Less.

Want to see a picture of the place in ANWR where oil companies want to drill ???

(the little red box - not the whole area)

Here it is:

Unlike what the liberal left including George Soros news and people will tell you - in this area there are no pretty mountains, caribou, polar bears, streams, etc... you get the picture!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

John Oxendine for Georgia's Governor 2010

Today at our State Convention John Oxendine gave a passionate speech showing his vision for Georgia if elected as governor in 2010 including working to get the Fair Tax passed by getting the governors of the other states together. Mr Oxendine has done a great job as insurance commissioner in my opinion and after the speech he gave today he made a strong case for my vote in 2010. 

Way to go G 7 (Georgia Republican delegation) - making conservatives proud

The people of Georgia should be very proud of our Georgia Republican delegation also known as G 7. Conservative representation for a conservative state where three members of the G 7 were tied for the MOST Conservative members of the house per the National Journal's website scores were based on their roll-call votes on key economic, social and foreign policy issues during 2007. Other members of the G7 were just below those who tied for 1st place.
Those who were tied for first place included:
Linder, John, R-Ga.-7
Westmoreland, Lynn, R-Ga.-3
Gingrey, Phil, R-Ga.-11.

Friday, May 2, 2008

God bless our Troops and their families

A while back I heard a commercial on Hannity's radio show about Boca Java coffee which with the program being offered I heard about every time I order coffee Boca Java matches that and sends coffee to our soldiers. I have just received my second letter from our soldiers. The first letter was a few months back from Iraq and this latest letter was from Afghanistan from a soldier and his platoon based out of Kentucky who is currently serving our Country and protecting us from those who want to harm us all. God bless them and thank them to all of our soldiers and their families. For me it is the least I can do to get coffee over to our soldiers for all that they do and sacrifice for Liberty.

If you would like to find out about ordering coffee which is made fresh when ordered (beans are not prepared until you order your coffee) and be able to help our troops have the same great coffee the website is:

I have no affiliation with Boca Java and will gain nothing financially from this if you order through them. I only spread this word to you to help the soldiers who do so much for us. The letter from the soldier in Afghanistan said it is about to get hot but lately it has been rainy and cold and the coffee has helped. Please consider this for our Troops - the #1 Military in the World - God bless you United States Military - and their families.