Monday, November 17, 2008

What happens if the democrats in the U.S. Senate gets 60 members (votes)?

Here is the billion dollar question for the 2008 election season - what happens if Senator Obama wins and the democrats get 60 votes in the U.S. Senate and gains in the U.S. House of Representatives? Well we know the answer to the first part of that question, we now have President-elect Obama. The second part of the question remains unanswered but Georgia the answer is in your hands.  

Georgia is now the battleground last stand to give our government balance.  Senator Saxby Chambliss can be our firewall to give conservatives a voice.  If his opponent were to upset Saxby then you might as well just tell the GOP Senators to take a flight back home and stay there.  If the democrats get the 60 votes / members they are seeking they can do anything they want.  They can take our center-right country and speed to the far left on day 1.

Let's really think this through, imagine this possible nightmare if the democrats had 60 votes:

P.E. Obama's Civil Service army
 - Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said in an interview that this would be MANDATORY for ALL 18-25 years old in this country to go to basic training (away from their homes to where the government tells them to go).
***If the democrats have 60 votes this could pass.

Raising Taxes + attacking the Fair Tax
 - P.E. Obama told Joe the plumber that he just wanted to "spread the wealth around", taxes could be raised on anyone at any amount decided by the Congress and President-elect Obama.  The Fair Tax (which is non-partisan) which is supported by republicans, independents/moderates, and democrats has been attacked here in Georgia by the Democratic Senatorial Congressional Committee.  The problem is that the attack was founded by lies, completely untrue accusations against the Fair Tax.  The other problem is the Fair Tax is supported in grassroots by people of all political backgrounds.  Do we have faith that those who would lie about the Fair Tax to try and get a candidate elected would support and pass the Fair Tax?
***If the democrats have 60 votes - taxes could be raised at their discretion and the Fair Tax would most likely be out of the picture until a later date (because it will be passed despite what leadership we have when WE THE PEOPLE want it passed).

Energy Independence
 - the democrats have stated that if they gain control they will reenact the Offshore Drilling Ban (the let this expire prior to the election because a significant majority of Americans wanted to drill offshore along with alternative energy to lower gas prices & as a matter of National Security).  It has been predicted by economist that if this ban goes back into effect then the price of oil could jump back to $100.00+ / Barrel of oil ~ which would increase the price of gas back to before the ban expired.  ($4.00+/gallon gas).
***If the democrats have 60 votes this could pass.

"Fairness Doctrine
" - (aka unfairness doctrine & censorship & anti-1st amendment doctrine) the democrats including Nancy Pelosi have said that they would reenact an old doctrine that President Ronald Reagan ended back during his Presidency that would require ONLY on certain venues including talk radio, blogs, and websites would have to allow opposition to the persons opinion to be given the equal amount of time to give their point of view (no matter what that point of view).  This would not be applied to media such as MSNBC, CBS, NBC, etc... or newspapers such as the New York Times and others, they could continue to lean so far left that they are about to fall down while they have tingly feelings in their legs when they hear P.E. Obama speak.
***If the democrats have 60 votes this could pass

I could go on and on with examples but do you see the seriousness in this race?  Do you understand that if you do not vote and get others out to vote for Saxby the above could become a reality?  It's in Georgia's hands, I pray that Georgia gets it right.

You may be asking yourself, so what if they get 60, can't the republicans just fight them on this?  Well, the best way to fight the majority on radical agendas is a filibuster and when you have 60 members with the same agenda you cannot even stop them with a filibuster.  60 votes is the magic # in the U.S. Senate to have full control and your opposition cannot stop you.  

Why is this matter coming down to Saxby?  The democrats currently have 57 democratic Senators with two races being "recounted" and votes being found all over the place with only one person being voted for in Minnesota (did not even vote for Obama or local races - just for the U.S. Senator), suspicious right.  So if those two "recount" races end up reversing and the losers (democrat candidates) win then the democrats will have 59 democratic Senators which leaves one up for grabs in the only one that the voters can choose - that's SAXBY in Georgia.  

Please consider this when you vote on 12/2/08 (or early vote / absentee vote).  There is one way to have balance in our government so that we can have more than one voice in D.C. to represent WE THE PEOPLE and that is to vote for SAXBY Chambliss on 12/2/08.  Also, there are two other candidates on the ballot - I met Sheffield at the rally held for Saxby on 11/16/08 and he personally was meeting voters and is a great candidate (my opinion - not representing the opinion of Saxby or others) + Lauren McDonald was there with Saxby at the rally also.  Main thing is GET OUT THE VOTE - turnout is what will determine our fate.

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