Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Anonymous" McCain Staffers - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

"Anonymous" McCain staffers are leaking their opinions of Sarah Palin in an effort to tarnish her name and reputation.  Do these people get the fact that they single handily are undoing what was a very special moment for most members of the GOP?  We had our first woman VP candidate.  So what does members of our own party do, they take us back to a sexist place in our party.  Personally I am sick of it.  Rumors are that these "anonymous" staffers worked for Romney's campaign prior to going to work for John McCain's campaign, if that is true then Senator McCain HUGE mistake, look how well Romney's campaign went!!!  Now these "anonymous" staffers = cowards afraid to show their faces and give their opinion are trying to pin this on Sarah Palin.  When this campaign was over I chose not to Monday morning quarterback John McCain's campaign because even if I don't agree with all the choices made I believe John McCain did his best and worked very hard, take the day before the election, McCain went to seven states in one day.  So instead of accepting defeat and moving on what does the "anonymous" coward crew do?  They are insulting Sarah Palin and in turn insulting John McCain, that is cowardly and shows their true character or the lack there of.  These people are trying to pin THEIR failures on Palin, McCain, and others.  I urge them to get over it and either come out and show their faces and claim these mean and unverifiable claims against Palin or just shut up.  These people run the risk of pissing off members of our own base that will see the GOP through a different light if this behavior continues.  I feel that leadership of the GOP, oh yeah we are still trying to get leaders, should speak out against these horrible comments.

During this campaign I was very proud of not only our Country for having a black man on one ticket who ran against a woman and a woman on our ticket as VP candidate.  I may not agree with policy beliefs with the other side but I was very proud to see our Country moving forward in a positive direction.  I was proud to see that what I know from my generation who was fortunate enough not to have to live through what prior generations had to live through.  I never had to be separate from others, I grew up with Martin Luther King's dream, little white children and little black children holding each others hands.  I truly believe in judging a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  So in the future if I disagree with our President elect Obama please understand it will be about policy and it never has been about race for me.  My son and P.E. Obama are the same color, a white mother with a black father, I feel the best of both worlds.  

Sarah Palin is a role model for me and many other women.  Sarah has it all, a beautiful family, a successful career, and a great attitude.  These cowardly people who are trying to tear her down do not even understand how much damage they are doing to our party the GOP.  I love the GOP, this is the party of Lincoln, Reagan, and I do not see my party in these actions.  I will not let these cowards speak for me and my party.  I am not claiming to be the leader of our party but no one else is stepping up condemning these actions which I also feel troubling, so I will say it ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!  Cowards crawl back under your rocks and stop this before you damage the GOP more than it is already damaged.  The GOP can be restructured and will be just fine, but these attacks could cause people like myself to stand back and make sure this is not where my party is going, because if it is I will not be a part of it.  I am an American first, a Conservative second, and typically I identify with the GOP but if this is the path our party goes down and these actions are not condemned I will truly be a Conservative without a party.  That truly hurts me to say that but what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.  THIS IS WRONG - ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!  The future of the GOP should look like this (in my opinion):  Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Michael Steele, Bobby Jindal, and others.  Strong and smart conservatives who walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  I will not be a part of a party who talks the talk and tears down those who walk the walk, get it together GOP or if not our party is truly in trouble, you need women and if you do not condemn this flummery then a lot of women will feel disconnected from the GOP, if that occurs then the GOP will truly be in trouble.